Basics of Strains Vs Sprains

Basics of Strains Vs Sprains

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In active children, it is often found that sprains and strains are the most common injuries. A sprain is an injury to the ligaments in and around the joints. A strain is referred to as an overstretched or pulled muscle. Children as well as adults suffer from common athletic injuries.

A sprained joint mostly occurs in the ankle but it is often seen that wrist, knee and finger sprains may occur as well. Medical guidance is required if your child suffers from a sprain. Thus, it is necessary to consult a Loughton joint strains & sprainsspecialist if you suffer from intense pain.

Strains are also referred to as pulled muscle and they are also very common these days. Strains take place away from the joint. The upper part of the leg is a common site for strain such as the chest, shoulders and groin. Sprains as well as strains are known as the common injuries that take place in the muscular-skeletal system. Though both the words are used interchangeably but remember that they are different kinds of injuries.

Thus, a sprain refers to any injury that takes place due to tearing or stretching of the tendon or a joint capsule that will help you to get joint stability. A critically joint capsule or damaged ligament can cause unsteadiness in a joint. The symptoms sometimes include pain, incapability to move a limb and inflammation. Sprains take place when a joint is strained beyond its standard range of motion, for example, rolling or turning your ankle.

Strains are generally injuries that include the tearing or stretching of musculo- tendinous structure. Strains generally happen when muscles stretch or contract abruptly if someone jumps or runs. We find these kinds of injuries in athletes who strain their hamstrings. Some of the examples of acute muscle strain are muscle spasm, pain, loss of strength and restricted range of motion.

The severity of sprain can be divided into three parts. They are:

  • Grade I sprain – This is caused by overstretching or slight tearing of the ligament

The severity of strain can be divided into three parts. They are:

  • Grade I strain – Mild strain on muscle fibres

You can go to see a doctor for a sprain or strain when you suffer from:

  • Restricted movement as a result of the injury

There are various kinds of treatments available for curing disc problems, injuries and accidents, muscle problems, joint problems and trapped nerves. It is advisable to go for treatment at specialty clinics. In case of trapped nerves, you can opt for treatment at Chingford trapped nerves centres.