Give me Ideas to help one of my resolutions? repost?

Give me Ideas to help one of my resolutions? repost?

Give me Ideas to help one of my resolutions? repost?

QuestionI''m 15 almost 16, 5 ft. Little for my age. BUT I''m about 116 lbs.

I would like to weigh 106 or less. So please any ideas? I already do not eat junk food, or drink anything carbonated. I stick to water and mostly tea. Skim milk if needed. I watch a carb intake. I do alot of walking everyday especially in school running up and down stairs. I always eat a green vegetable at school for lunch, and most of a sandwhich. I don''t starve myself, I just full quickly.Best AnswerI would say that you need to eat more. Your metabolism will rise and you can exercise more and have more energyTagsrepost resolutions help ideas give

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