Products for Independent or Mass Market Channels

Products for Independent or Mass Market Channels

IdeaTree focuses on three primary categories of new product development and marketing:

  • Early learning products, especially children’s books, toys and “book-plus” items, from concept through final production.
  • Cookbooks and gourmet products and programs, including anything related to food, restaurants and casual or fine dining.
  • Personal expression products, notably greeting cards, stationery, gifts and gift wrap.

At IdeaTree, we’ll put our experience at having successfully developed and launched more than 1400 new products in these categories to work for you.

For some clients, we develop entire new products or product lines. For others, our firm concentrates on only one or two specific aspects of the product planning and developmental process, depending on their needs and the gaps in their product offering or expertise. We also advise clients who currently sell to mass market accounts on methods and techniques to increase their retail presence.

In other cases, we help companies that have traditionally sold through independent retailers, to make the changes in their product development, terms and sales approach necessary to secure mass market distribution.

Obviously, succeeding in the mass market requires much more than simply presenting an existing line to mass market buyers. This is especially true if it’s a line that was designed for independent retailers. Our Ideatry Approach guides your company in adapting your line and selling techniques to new markets and channels of growth.

Why So Much Emphasis on the Mass Market?

Recent retail sales results have been disappointing, with independents generally showing less resilience than mass marketers. This points to a continued shift toward highly accessible outlets shopped on a regular basis. While traditional independents do offer depth of selection and individual service, eventually convenience and value are likely to win out in the marketplace. We see faster growth in the mass market, as well as for catalogs, display marketers, the Internet and other “new market” accounts.