10 Tips On Boosting Quality Of Life

10 Tips On Boosting Quality Of Life

Finding Peace Through Self-Development

Does the level of happiness or peace you feel give you a doorway to evaluate your quality of life? Can you look around your life and know what ratings you would assign to qualities of your life? Can you decide what you are missing, what goals you might set for yourself that would make life better and personal growth increased?

We mental health professionals, too, might differ on what “should” denote quality of life. It’s a pretty sure thing, though, that if you don’t have the basics, ala Maslow’s heirarchy, — food, water, housing, the qualities that promote survival, life probably is way too low in quality. Therefore, #1 is a given: the means for survival. If you don’t have a job today, its pretty scary and quality of life may be remote for now.

That Doesn’t Mean You Should Give Up: The Other 9 Tips

#2: Pull away from toxic events and people.There are many friends, acquaintances, even loved ones, who thrive on the drama of negativity. For them “ain’t it awful!” is their mantra. No matter what happens, for them, life is a series of dramatic events that demand an emotional response to keep the drama going. It is intriguing, and a sure draw to bring you into the fold. It’s hard to resist. Put your attention on what is, not what may be. And certainly, not what someone else wants to make a big deal of, that is really nothing.

#3: Don’t let fear rule you. Put it in it’s place. It is often not even real. It leads you away from your core. Own your courage.

#4: Realize your emotions won’t kill you! It just feels like they will. Experience your feelings, you can survive these thoughts and feelings. Look around, you have survived much, and will survive more.

#5: Write a gratitude list every morning. I never have watched Oprah!! What an admission; I’m always working when she is on TV. However, the popular press has publicized her often for recommending writing a gratitude list. What a genius! If anything will pull you into sanity, it will be writing that list. It grounds you, and tells you what is important in your life!

#6: Give yourself permission to “spoil” yourself. You deserve to be praised for all you have done, thought, accomplished. Never, never doubt that you deserve the best!

Jump Out Of Your Box

#7: Screw your head on straight! Get your priorities right. If it truly isn’t important in the grand scheme, don’t waste time berating yourself or trying to make up for what you’ve lost. The past is gone! Now, do what you think is important in the present, leading to the future. Not the least of which is deciding what people you want in your life! Now!

#8: Give back. Don’t give for what you will get back. Give from your heart. If you need credit, it will be in the record. Don’t expect that you won’t be given credit. You will. It just may not be how you expect it to happen.

#9. Embrace failure. That will be your strongest learning mode, and what will make the most impression on you. Probably others won’t even notice, but if they do, you will be thought of as a strong person who has learned from mistakes. What more could we ask!

#10: Raise your consciousness. Understand that each event in your life might be symbolic of something bigger than you can first imagine. Place faith in the Universe. All you have to do is read some of the writings from modern physicists, and new findings about the enormity of the world, the solar system, electromagnetic particles, the Mayan calendar…….

Stay focused on what is truly important. Live for the beauty, the breath-taking truth in nature, the pathos you are blessed to experience. Maybe, that is 11. The list goes on.



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