Percision Plus Electrodes from Pharmacy Health Care

Percision Plus Electrodes from Pharmacy Health Care

Precision Q-I-D Blood Glucose Testing System has been developed to allow

rapid measurement of blood glucose (D-glucose) by using an electrochemical

detection technique*. This biosensor system employs a disposable dry

reagent strip technology, based on the glucose oxidase method** for

glucose determination. Each electrode contains the enzyme glucose oxidase

(Aspergillus niger). When a blood drop is applied to the target area

of the electrode, the glucose oxidase catalyzes the oxidation of glucose

in the drop to produce gluconic acid. During the reaction, electrons

are transferred by an electrochemical mediator to the electrode surface.

This in turn generates a current that is measured by the sensor. The

size of the current generated is proportional to the amount of glucose

present in the blood drop, thus giving an accurate reading of the blood

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Please read the Precision Q-I-D or MediSense2 Manual for detailed testing

Foil-wrapped Precision Plus Blood Glucose Electrodes and calibrator.

but not provided: Precision Q-I-D or MediSense 2 Blood Glucose Sensor,

User''s Manual, lancing device and lancets.

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