McTeachers Night in Martinez

McTeachers Night in Martinez

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    McDonald’s is now offering the McTeacher’s program to districts that NEED MONEY. Which district doesn’t?

    What do you think? Fast food chains integrating their menus into lunch programs backed by big buck incentives to help ease the schools facing financial difficulties.

    All the teachers in a McDonald’s school district have to be involved with apron on and teachers make the hamburgers and dip the fries and sell to the kids. The slogan of the night was to be called “Don’t you want to see your teachers serve YOU!”

    Congratulations to Cindy Gershan, Owner of Sunrise Bistro in Walnut Creek and founder of The Wellness Challenge has galvanized the community of Martinez to donate $5000 from local companies to replace the money that would have been provided by McDonald’s.

    Cindy went one step further. She said “this is a statement to not just block McDonald’s from penetrating the schools, but we need to lose the Soda machines in the faculty rooms and all plastic bottles from campuses in Martinez”. The district has agreed.

    Nice work to all of my friends across the community supporting Cindy and the mission of Healthy Food in Schools. We all met at Morello Park Elementary yesterday and have truly sent a message to all fast food chains to stop their role as marketing predators.

    Contra Costa Health Department
    A&B Produce Inc
    Contra Costa Certified Farmers Market
    Allied Waste Mgmt
    4 Principals from 4 different Martinez schools
    and many more

    If you’d like to Volunteer with Healthy Food in Schools, please contact us for more information. We’d love to have YOU!