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Quick Weight Loss With Simply Health And Welless

by Admin on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 No Comments

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At simply health and wellness it is important that you look after yourself and your body in the BEST possible way. When you think of the biggest health problems that we are faced with today obesity is always in the top 10 along side heart problems, alcohol abuse and cancer.

But with obesity it is one of the easiest to cure, it is a case of a change of lifestyle that can make a difference to you and make you feel much healthier at the exact same time. This is why we have chosen weight loss as our first subject for this blog so that you can help and improve yourself.

If you are a parent wouldn’t it be nice to run with your child in the park without being out of breath or unable to cope with the exercise. In the same sense when you pick up your children from school do you want to be the obese parent that your children are secretly embarassed by?

You can either plan for quick weight loss which can be achieved through an exercise and diet plan or alternatively try just the one so that you can get to grips with it more easily. Often by looking at your problem areas you can put together a plan of action and you will soon be slim and healthy.

You can find out more in our weight loss section by clicking here.

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My Name is Carol and I run Simply Health &

Wellness from home and by night I am a night nurse with the UK NHS service.

the profession as " Nurse Carol " and my first love has always been in patient

I have been a Health Care Professional for

almost 47 years, spending many of those years as a Ward Sister and also taking

charge of hospitals. I have worked in over 40 hospitals both as a permanent

member of staff or on an Agency basis wherever my skills have been needed.

You can read more about me by

of us know we need to move around much more, but a recent survey by a leading

slimming magazine has found that we spend 15 hours per day sitting down. The

study found that a typical adult spends 5 hours a day sat behind a desk and in

the evening will spend 3 hours each night watching television. Then when you add

to this that the average adult sleeps for 7 hours it soon adds up.

We all know it is hard to find time to exercise but there are

ways to introduce it into even the busiest of lifestyles. Walking up the stairs

instead of taking the lift, parking a little further away from the shops, or

walking for 30 minutes during our lunch break are all free and easy ways to get

any real reason, we often feel better for spending some time outside. But now it

is official: Just five minutes a day of outdoor exercise can dramatically

improve your mental health. Researchers tested 10,000 people of different ages

and levels of mental health, and analysed their reaction to a variety of outdoor

Every person showed improved self esteem after just five minutes. They took part

in a variety of outdoor actitivities including gardening, cycling, walking and

riding. The most positive outcome came from young people and those suffering

So open your door and head out!

is important that we look after ourselves and having regularly check ups is very

Many associate health check ups with those that are over 55,

but even if you are 18 they are just as important. The lifestyle you lead now

could have a bad impact on your later years and why not make a few changes so

that when you are 55 you wont have any problems?

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