Some questions!  Tips For Healthy Hair

Some questions! Tips For Healthy Hair

Hey guys, i’ve got a couple of questions

well i’ve been losing my hair since november (ish) and started out on finasteride around 6-7weeks ago, its been obvious to me that i have MPB for months now due to my miniturisation, shedding, recession and thinning. However what bothers me, is the fact when i shed hair, i loose it from the sides and back of my hair too, giving me concerns. I also have high iron levels in my blood, which gives me thoughts that my high levels are causing even more hair loss (reasoning with the loss from the sides and back). Maybe im just being another paranoid balder, and its not effecting my hairloss in the slightest, but it seems to be on my mind as im worrying this will effect the results of my finasteride.

My main question from this is, do you all shed from your back and sides occasionally while suffering from MPB?

Let’s avoid the word shed if we can because it’s confusing.

Are you saying your hair looks visibly thin around the back and sides of your head?

And regarding your high iron levels, was this the result of a blood test from a doctor?

If so shouldn’t your doctor be trying to diagnose the cause? (Which probably would not be MPB if the answer to the above 2 questions was yes).

My hair isnt visibly thin yet, however it is thinner than it was last year. My sides and back are just as thick as the top of my head, so it seems i have slightly thinned all over however i have receded to a norwood 2 (ish) with noticeable thinning and miniturisation towards a 2.5.

I’ve just picked out my blood results from a couple of months ago -

result – 33umo/L (11.0 – 25.0) Above high reference limit

Its probably hard to tell from the information from this thread, but would you say its interfering with my hair loss, or i’m simply experiencing standard MPB?

Well if you really are thinning on the back and sides, it’s probably not MPB.

Do you have any pics so we can tell you’re not just being paranoid? (Sorry but we see it a lot here).

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