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Natural Herbal Drink for Health and Pain Relief

An authentic recipe drink with traditional herbal mixtures, effective for maintaining good daily health for men and women. It is processed hygienically using modern technology, and tested clinically over many years. It is an effective drink for relieving joint aches and body discomfort, and for women, it is effective in the relief of stomach cramps, period pain and related symptoms during their menstruation period.

Common menstrual pain is caused by strong contraction of the uterus triggered by the chemical (prostaglandin) in the body causing inflammation and stimulating pain receptors. The higher levels of these chemicals, the higher the degree of menstrual pain... Read more

Symptoms of PMS and degree of pain will vary person to person, but for many these may include some of the following :

What makes EIVA Plus and EIVA Original different from other painkillers for relieving menstrual pain? Most normal painkillers usually only target the pain receptors, temporarily for a few hours. If they are taken on a regular basis and to excess, it can lead to addiction and their chemical composition may affect the liver (see the 2 articles under “Advertorial – Current News”).

EIVA treats the cause of the problem. The natural herbal composition of EIVA not only reduces the inflammation causing the pain usually suffered during menstruation but the combination of the other herbs also act as natural painkillers. Their combination effectively assists in relieving headaches and nausea, mood swings, bloating, hastens the blood flow and gives added energy to enable you have a normal working day without the usual stresses during the menstruation period.

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JOIN us now as a member of ‘Eiva World of Health’ and enjoy lots of fun while staying healthyTESTIMONIALS

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Various studies by the kidney foundation (NKUDIC), suggest that analgesics (painkillers), whilst recommended as a pain killer reliever, if taken improperly and over a long period, may increase the risk of kidney and liver damage ... Read more LATEST NEWS UPDATE

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